In the legends of the Teutons, the earth - the realm of humans - is called Midgard.

Midgard was founded by Angelika Uhl (Drums) and Andreas Uhl (Vocals, Lead Guitar) in 1991. Influences for this first formation came from New Wave and Rock. After several line up changes the music style of Midgard changed too.

The enclosure of Christian Brenner(†) (Guitar) and Werner Brenner (Bass, Backing Vocals) completed the Band in August 1994 and the style changed to Melodic Metal. From 23.09.1995 to 07.10.1995 the album "Between Heaven and Hell" was recorded at Past studios in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic. This production was released first as MC in March 1996. In October 1996 a one year contract with a label in Germany was negotiated. In June 1997 "Between Heaven and Hell" was released on CD. Although the CD as well as the live appearances were rather lifted into heaven then banished to hell by fans and media, Midgard separated in mutual interest from Christian Brenner(†) and Werner Brenner.

Within shortest time replacement was found. With Alexander "Hal-War" Ruess (Bass, Backing Vocals) and Thomas Schmoll (Lead Guitar) Midgard was on stage again in December 1997. The sound of Midgard went harder, more melodious and was equipped with loads of fantasy. Head over heels the new album "From Demons and Angels" was recorded, again at Past studios between 11.06.1998 and 25.06.1998. After some delay the album was released self-financed and self-distributed in June 1999. In the meantime it came to the separation from the bassist because of private reasons from the end of March 1999 to the beginning of July 1999. Thus on "From Demons and Angels" only three band members were mentioned. A vision of the future?
Because despite positive reactions to this CD, now also in East Europe (the Song "Lord Of Darkness" was on air in Romania), Thomas Schmoll left Midgard in January 2000 to vary in musical performance.

But again Midgard have drawn out the positive sides from this separation. They decided not to search for a new guitar player, but to rewrite the complete program for three musicians with inclusion of samplers. Some live gigs were done and then a musical break caused by the construction of Angelika's und Andreas' house (including a recording studio) had to be overcome from summer 2001 to summer 2003.

In autumn 2003 Midgard began to write new song material. Again the stile varied. The music went harder and faster, the vocal parts (now by Hal-War and Andreas) a lot more aggressive. In autumn 2004 the new songs were recorded in their own studio and mixed in TMI Tone Studios in Baden (Lower Austria).

Since there appeared more and more bands called Midgard - first abroad, than also in Austria - Midgard decided to add an appendix to their name to avoid mistakes. The new production "Dismembered” was released self-distributed in spring 2005 with the band name Midgard.upgraded.

The music change on "Dismembered" was taken by fans and media as both positively. The song "S.C.U. M" was on air in Belgium, "Last Man Standing" was placed in the Top Ten of the “Musikdirektion”: download charts. Midgard also live pointed more then ever with the harder gait in 2005 and 2006.
Next release in 2007.